BRAVE HOODS-  Based in Erie, Colorado....this charity sells vool sweatshirt and the monies go to kids with cancer who have lost their hair, and can wear a hip and cool "HOODIE".

Endurance Events is all about the kids....we have several different partners, charities and schools that we work with around Colorado. if your firm, organization or charity would like to be one of our partners, please contact us and we can make it happen.​

Giving back

About Endurance Sports MArketing

Endurance Sports Marketing and Events works on over 50 events in Colorado, 30 National Events and several through out Europe. The firm has been in business for over 16 years and produce some of the most unique,family fun THEMED running events in Colorado, California and New York.

Endurance Events are more about the FUN and FESTIVITIES than the running itself....our goal is to get people outside, kids of the couch and people to get out to enjoy a great activity.

Come try any of our events for FREE by volunteering for any of the 12 events we manage in Colorado...we would love to have you out.